Top 4 Benefits of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

The execution of bariatric surgery designed for those who aim to lose weight is one of the weight loss solutions you can take after traditional means like diet and exercise fail. Courtesy of Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions here are a few benefits to bariatric surgery:

1. Significant Weight Loss. As a result of undergoing the procedure, patients can expect to lose up to sixty-one percent excess weight within the first year after the surgery. This is a major help in preventing diseases linked to obesity aside from improving one’s figure.

Image2. Decreased Risk of Suffering from High Blood Pressure. At least seventy percent of hypertension/high blood pressure patients stop the intake of their medications and obtain a normal blood pressure within 2-3 months after undergoing the surgery. It is also possible for those who still need to take their medications to lower their dosage, thereby reducing their risk of suffering from the side effects of the medications.

3. Short Hospital Stays. This also means fast recovery period. A lot of surgeons prefer to use the laparoscopic approach when it comes to performing bariatric surgery. It is because this approach is minimally invasive. This also results to less pain, smaller scars, faster recovery period and shorter stay in the hospital than other open forms of surgery.

4. Improved Quality of Life. Undergoing the procedure can also help in improving the quality of your life. The majority of those who undergo the procedure say that they feel better after the procedure and enjoy an improved ability to do physical and recreational activities. The improvements made by the procedure in your figure can also help in boosting your confidence.

ImageIf you’ve tried other ways to lose weight without success, then Bariatric Surgery may be right for you.  Dr. Gregory Barnes is an experienced weight loss surgeon and can determine the best and safest avenue on your journey to a new self.  Visit or call 214-506-2660 to schedule a free consultation at one of our many locations in the Dallas area.


Dr. Barnes is an experienced, board certified, compassionate surgeon who offers a variety of effective surgical procedures to help you lose weight to live a healthier, more productive life and feel more confident about your appearance.

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