Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions Congratulates Vickie McCombs: A Story of Survival

My name is Vickie McCombs and my weight issues started when I was just four years old.

By the time I was in first grade I was a chubby little girl and was made fun of all through school. My mother was an excellent cook and fried everything. She also made all my clothes but before she could get them sewn up I would have gained weight. I can still hear her saying if you don’t stop eating so much no one is going to want to marry a fat girl. I’m sure she didn’t mean it the way it sounded but her words would echo in my ears all my life. The summer before my 5th grade year, I went on my first diet. I ate cottage cheese and carrots for 3 months. And that started my weight going up and down all through school.

I did manage to starve long enough to get married to the most amazing man. For thirty years he has watched me struggle with this disease. No matter how much it cost, he was always there for me. Through all the tears and sweat he supported me no matter what. He loved me when I couldn’t love my self.

ImageI gained seventy pounds with our first baby, that put me at 200 pounds and at 5’1″ I was as big around as I was tall. That started me on diet pills and I was doing great, had lost 30 pounds in two months and found myself pregnant again. Well I gained forty with her, so now I’m 210. Back to the diet pills but they didn’t work as well as they did the first time. So I tried everything on TV and every fad diet that came along. I could lose weight but keeping it off was something else. I put my family through a lot with my addiction and my self-esteem hit rock bottom and my mother’s words echoing, I became a mind reader thinking I knew what people were thinking when they looked at me.

In 2001 I checked into weight lost surgery but our insurance wouldn’t pay. I became more depressed and had gained more weight and hated myself. I did not want to see anyone from my past. I now weighed 245. In 2005 I saw an ad for a weight lost seminar and asked my husband to take me. I met Dr. Barnes and got my insurance approval in May and had my surgery on the 25th. Dr. Barnes told me, I can fix your stomach but I can’t fix your mind. It’s 10% surgery and 90% you. It’s a life time change not a quick fix. I read labels on everything I pick up and if it’s not healthy I put it back. As my weight started coming off I felt like a caterpillar that was changing into a beautiful butterfly. For the first time in my life, I love being me. I want to do the things as a skinny person that I would not allow myself to do as a fat person.


I did my first half marathon in 2009 and I’ve done 3 more since then and a ton of 5, 10 and 15k’s and am thinking about a full marathon by the time I’m 60 and that is next year. I’m a walker not a runner so no excuses not to just go do it.


There is nothing in this world that tastes as good as skinny feels.

I will always have this disease and will always work on it every day.

For I am a survivor of obesity!

From time to time, Dr. Gregory Barnes encourages his patients to share their experiences with others who are considering medical procedures. He feels that if individuals considering Bariatric Surgery, or for that matter any type of surgery, the more information someone has the more comfortable they will feel that they have made the right decision. Not only is choosing the right procedure an important decision, but choosing the right surgeon can make all of the difference in the world.

For more information on Dr. Barnes and Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions visit or you can contact his staff and schedule a free consultation by calling 214.506.2660 and visit his locations in Dallas, Plano, or Ft. Worth Texas.


Dr. Barnes is an experienced, board certified, compassionate surgeon who offers a variety of effective surgical procedures to help you lose weight to live a healthier, more productive life and feel more confident about your appearance.

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